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Will you get your deposit back?


When you pay a deposit on a tenancy, your landlord has to have it protected in a deposit protection scheme.

If your deposit isn't in a scheme, like many other tenants, you risk unfair deductions or not getting it back at all.

Deposit Protection legislation gives tenants the opportunity to enforce their rights.

You are eligible to claim an additional award of up to 3x your deposit (as well as having your original deposit protected/returned) if:
  •             - the deposit was never protected or,
  •             - the deposit was protected but they were not given sufficient information or,
  •             - the deposit was protected and sufficient information was given but it either action was not performed               within 30 days of the deposit being paid.

Deposit Advisory Service helps get your deposit protected and pursues the additional award on your behalf shouldering court costs and solicitors fees when necessary.